52-’11 / Week One / January 1-8

Photography is, for me, more than just a hobby. It is a release…for my creativity, for my passion, for satisfaction. I like the semi-professional part of it, too, but I find a great deal of joy in making images.

I have been pondering my 2011 photography projects for several weeks. This one, the 52-’11 Project, is a personal challenge for me. I want to be shooting regularly, discovering more of my camera, honing technique, enjoying this passion of mine. I plan to post my favorite photo from the week. I expect the images will vary from week to week – some edited, some artistic, some from clients, some slice-of-life – some will probably be whatever I can squeeze in from a week that’s been too busy.

This week’s offering was almost one of those last kind. The week slipped by quickly and even though I had the 52-’11 Project on my mind, I just never seemed able to pick up the camera and shoot. (I don’t see how people with FT jobs and families ever get through a 365 project!) The image was shot in Walton County, on the way to my nephew’s 4th birthday party. I’ve seen this building dozens and dozens of times over the years, but never made the time to stop. It’s edited from full color to an albumen treatment, and sharpened.

"Fading Home"

"Fading Home", copyright 2011 Shannon M Herren, All Rights Reserved

What do you think?

If you would like to join me on this photographic journey for 2011, leave a comment which includes a link to your blog. I’ll add you to my blogroll so others can click through to your 52-’11 Project.


Shannon \o/

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  1. I want to see where the journey takes you!

  2. Shannon,
    You are just full of surprises. What a lovely photograph. It is so artistic and expressive. I can’t wait to poke around and see your work.

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