52-’11 / Week Fourteen / April 3 – April 9

What a beautiful day in Georgia! Roy drove us around west of town today; Fayette, Coweta, and Meriwether Counties. A friend of his had told him about an old mill, so we went to find it. The mill was far down a narrow country road through a young, planted-pine forest. We came to the creek and sure enough, hidden in the overgrowth along the edge was the remnants of the mill. The sun was in the wrong place for a good image, but we will go back in the morning sun sometime for some good shots. While Roy explored near the site, I captured some shots of the creek from the narrow bridge. A local man stopped to chat. He grew up in the area and said the mill had been a grist mill for the area during his grandfather’s day. The owner of the mill burned the mill for the insurance money, which he collected then rebuilt. Later he burned it again, but when the insurance didn’t pay, he didn’t rebuild. What’s left is what we saw. He told me the pond which had fed the mill had been dammed by slaves, with huge rocks and boulders laid into it. After all the years it held, the floods of 1993 collapsed it. His conversation meandered through tales of swimming all up and down the creek as a boy, the black sand and fool’s gold found there, the old ‘shine stills that used to dot the area. He showed us a civil war relic–a grapeshot–he had found nearby, as well as a meteorite rock he had found near his home. After declining a swig of his homemade ‘shine in the clean, clear milk jug (confirmed at his insistence we smell how good it was), we thanked him for sharing the history of the area, and parted ways. Photography is never boring, and the people we meet are interesting to an amazing degree. 🙂

Can you just imagine kicking back in an old tire tube down the swift flow of this shade-covered creek?


"A Creek in the South", copyright 2011 Shannon M Herren, All Rights Reserved

"A Creek in the South", copyright 2011 Shannon M Herren, All Rights Reserved



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