52-’11 / Week Twenty-Nine / July 17 – July 23

Better late than never . . . right?   🙂

This week’s photo was inspired by a guest post on one of the photo blogs I read regularly. He wrote about his habit of making images of ordinary things that could become great backgrounds in future image edits through the wonder that is Photoshop. I don’t have PS yet, but it is at the top of my list of tools to add to the bag. The blog writer spoke of creating folders of backgrounds among his image archives, from which he can pull various elements to “layer in” to enhance a client’s finished products. Sounds like a great idea for me–not only to build the files for the future, but also to have subjects to shoot on slow weeks, and to work on perfecting basic camera skills. Basic skills are crucial to creating extraordinary images (something I hope to do someday 😉

And so, for this week’s consideration:

"A Cloud", copyright 2011 Shannon M Herren, All Rights Reserved

"A Cloud", copyright 2011 Shannon M Herren, All Rights Reserved

Side note: In the category of “Will I Ever Learn??”, Earlier in the day before this shot, there were amazing cloud formations all over the sky with brilliant blue sky in the background. We were in the middle of running errands all over the place, with time deadlines, so I didn’t stop to capture those images. Naturally, by the time we were finished, those awesome cloud formations were long gone. It took a total of 15 minutes–drive to location time included–to shoot this set. I totally could have and should have just stopped for those few minutes during the busyness of the day and captured those images. Ugh! Lesson learned? Let’s hope so.

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