52-’11 / Week Fifty-Two / December 25 — December 31 … The End

This is absolutely the hardest post of them all. Partly because it’s the last one of the 52-’11 Project. Can you believe I did it??

It was the hardest mostly because I am soooo uncomfortable on this side of the camera! I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted my last image for the project to be a self-portrait. Way outside my comfort zone! Due to a technology impasse, I had to bring along my VAT (Voice Activated Timer, aka Roy :-)) to snap the shutter for me. Definitely a challenge to set everything up for the photo, then try to explain from the wrong side of in front of the camera the adjustments I thought were needed. Great learning experience for us both!

It’s a bittersweet end. I have learned so much! From “bring the camera everywhere I go” to a better understanding of the art. Fun. Stressful. Satisfying on the good weeks, not so much on the difficult weeks. I’d encourage everyone to try a self-challenging project. Find one that suits where you are in your craft, and in your life. Make it your own. If you’re up for it, join me in 2012.

"Me", copyright 2011 Shannon M Herren, All Rights Reserved

"Me", copyright 2011 Shannon M Herren, All Rights Reserved

(Watch for an announcement of my 2012 project. Even though I had no takers last year, you are invited to join me on a new goal/project for 2012 :-)

God Bless every one of you who have followed along or offered encouragement.

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